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Born in Victoria, Seychelles and now singing from London, England, Clara Cesar has touched hearts with her soft, warming French Creole vocals. Clara’s debut single, “Dir Mwan Si” (Tell Me If, or Dir Moi Si), won a nomination for Best New Recording at the Seychelles Music Awards ceremony 2016.

Clara has always sang, but only started writing lyrics when her father passed away, who was also a Seychellois musician. “Singing is a way of connecting people, and it keeps his spirit alive” Clara said, “I was one day too late, maybe that’s why I choose to remember him like this”.

Clara described how she has never been able to express herself much but when she sings it’s as if her world is the brightest it can be. “It’s like flying” she said with the biggest smile, “Suddenly I started thinking about what gives me life, and that was it”. Since then, Clara continues to work hard to pursue her dreams and looks forward to bringing out more of her distinct sounds.

Clara Dir Mwan Si

Dir Mwan Si now available on CD at Ray’s music room, Kot Do and Joseph Sinon’s shop, Seychelles.


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